Tuesday, May 22, 2007

now I can say it

Ta dah!

Once I put all my *necessities* into it, I was able to stop focusing on the imperfections. I think I'm satisfied with the final product.

My old everyday bag has straps with D-rings to cinch the bag around the top. Not motivated to drive half an hour for D-rings, I used magnetic snaps.

And I managed to find a spot to add my tag.

I've been drooling over these screen printed fabrics, now for sale in Lara's shop. I like the crane one best, but it's no longer available. More gorgeous fabrics here, by Kristen Doran .


  1. It's lovely! I adore the color with the Amy Butler (right?) fabric on the pockets.

  2. I love the bag you made! The colors are fabulous! : )

  3. Your bag is beautiful and looks really professional - your sewing is flawless. I love combination of colours in the outer and lining fabric - very 'Kayla' colours.

  4. beautiful work kayla!!
    i second the other comments... it looks so professional. your finishing is perfect. and i love the color combo... congrats!! looks like something you will absolutely use every day!

  5. Wonderful bag and fantastic fabrics!!!


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