Wednesday, May 16, 2007

in progress

I read something yesterday at Write, mama. Write. that made me think about what I've been doing and not posting about. I have, in fact, been doing creative things, but I don't have anything to show for it, yet. But isn't the process what we all enjoy so much? I mean, it wouldn't be that interesting if I came home from shopping every three days and posted "Ta dah. Look what I bought." So, why am I so focused on showing off my end product rather than the steps involved? I do enjoy seeing and reading about pieces of projects on others' blogs.

So here are some bits of current projects, nothing finished. My garden: grass torn out (and transplanted), seeds planted, now watering and waiting.My new everyday bag, to replace my well-loved and very worn one from the gap: plans drawn and redrawn, pieces assembled and disassembled, now adding pockets not in the original design.
And since I want this bag to make me as happy as my old one does, I'm adding details like a (somewhat) professional looking tag.


  1. awesome, kayla. i really like the fact that you're gardening and that tag is really cool. you know, besides for assemble, there are two other places in town that are looking for locally made goods. i really think you should consider this option. you are a very talented crafter.

  2. I loved this, Kayla. I do like seeing the thinking and the process of things! Love the tag! Did you print them or did you get them made somewhere? Very professional!

  3. i love the process, too... it's hard for me sometimes to show it because it feels so messy but i need to remember that it is the process that makes it worthwhile... otherwise i wouldn't be making!
    that tag is super fancy!! did you make it yourself? i'm very curious as i'm trying to figure out tags for the market bags now...

  4. This is great - I think we can get too caught up in having an end product to show, when really the thought behind it and the steps (and inevitable obstacles) involved in making it a reality are sometimes more interesting and helpful for the rest of us.

    I am also very impressed with your labels - very cool indeed.


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