Tuesday, May 29, 2007

guy gift

Handmade gifts for guys are not easy to think of. After I made the tote bag, I realized the wii party was meant to celebrate two birthdays, hers and his. Since he's a student, I thought a pencil case based on the one in Simple Sewing would do the trick. This one is quite a bit smaller, though, just a little taller than a pencil. My first go at appliqué worked out just fine considering how last minute this was. While I sewed, E printed some letters onto print n press inkjet iron-on transfer paper to add our friend's name to the crossword fabric. This is also how I'm doing the just-like-sew tags--transfers ironed onto twill tape.

Sorry for the blurry photos--like I said, I was running out the door taking these!

E's mii--his character looked the most like him, and we had the most trouble making mine look like me. Even when our friend's artist brother was enlisted to help, he had a difficult time translating me into a video game character! It was really fun.


  1. the case looks great! this gives me hope to keep on keepin' on with the lotta book after the hat incident :) (word of warning: while the hat is rather huge, the pillowcases run very snug... )

  2. Sewn items for guys are sometimes hard to think of. An olive tweed I found on ebay actually made the perfect case for all of my boyfriend's filters for his many cameras. Maybe I'll make him another case for his PSP now :)


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