Sunday, May 13, 2007


All I can say is "wow" over and over. Just the other day, my mom was telling me about my soon to be sister-in-law's plans for the bridesmaids' bouquets. She said there might be vintage buttons involved, and!!! guess what I got in the mail... That's right: buttons that match our dresses perfectly!

LeeAnn was the recipient of a lemon towel tote bag in my little giveaway, and she so sweetly sent this surprise package. What a wonderful pick-me-up when I've been feeling kind of blah about blogging lately! Thank you so much LeeAnn.

I returned yesterday from a work conference in south Florida, and I feel re-inspired and reinvigorated about my teaching. There's something about being around tons of colleagues with the same interests that just renews your passion for what you do. There was lots of talk about the K-12 issues with NCLB (like standardized testing of new in the country English language learners after just one year here), and Jim Cummins gave an empowering end-of-conference talk that was just was those teachers needed to hear. And even though it was focused on teaching children, I was reminded how important the concept of 'self' is in any type of learning, even adults. It's easy to treat students as just that, and not let their identity (cultural, linguistic) play a part in their education, but so much more learning takes place when the student is engaged and personally invested in what they're studying. It helps that I have really great students right now, too. I'm so thankful I have a job I love.
Happy Mothers' Day!!


  1. Wonderful buttons, and interesting to hear more about your work. I have been thinking lately about re-training as a teacher, thought I think I might be more cut out for primary school. This post on Soulemama made me think of your hat! It must be the pattern.

  2. Isn't that something how things work out. I am glad I sent you those colors. They look so pretty together. A wonderful combination for a wedding!

  3. Those buttons are so lovely. I think there must be something about the summer that makes blogging harder. I've been awol for a coupld of weeks now and can't seem to get into a good flow with it. It is just so nice to be outside in the warm weather AT LAST.

  4. very nice buttons. i'm glad that the conference helped you; i personally used to dread tefl conferences but that was because generally they were being conducted by people who had just a little more experience than myself. hope you're having a lovely start of your week. take care. xo

  5. i *love* your dress! so pretty and those buttons are perfect... what a lovely treat.
    it's so nice to go to a conference and return re-energized about your work. my outreach work has an annual conference and i was amazed last fall by how dedicated, creative, and kind my colleagues were. it was very unusual for academics... i was actually hugged :)


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