Monday, April 2, 2007

shrimp on a stick

E came home last night with some birthday goodies his mom made for him. I love all that she can do with her embroidery machine, and she comes up with so many creative things to make other than just monogrammed towels, although we have some of those, too, and I love 'em!
Some time I'll have to share my VW bookbag that she also made--I left it at school. It even has an old VW key tied onto it. E's dad had held onto a coffee can full of VW parts from their bug and ghia days more than 30 years ago. I think we've actually used some fuses from that can. I should stop talking because this might give my husband the idea that I support this kind of pack rat lifestyle!On Sunday, we attended probably my favorite event of the year, our city's World of Nations festival, held in a park for such events that's right on the river. As usual, I ran into current and former students representing their countries, and we ate a ton of food: ceviche in Panama, a Cuban sandwich and plantains in Cuba, baklava from Turkey, shrimp and pork on a stick in Cambodia, the veggie combo in India, tiramisu in Italy and a strawberry smoothie (?) in the African village area. All very tasty, and I kept hearing people say "I want one of those" when they passed me with my shrimp on a stick. Even though Jacksonville is not the most international of cities, it's really wonderful to see its residents embracing diversity for the weekend. I'm always hoping that the experience will pique the interest of some children to travel or at least open their minds to the world beyond our city's limits or our country's borders.

Go Gators!


  1. Yes, I want one of those too.

    That sounds like a wonderful festival. As the old saying goes...the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Pique people's interest with great food. Simple but a start.

  2. what a fun event! especially with all the good food... that shrimp looks delicious. and i am really hungry. hmmm... of in search of some dinner now :)


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