Friday, April 13, 2007

Red Friday

Another for color week.
One of my traveling amaryllises. When I moved to Japan, my mom added mine to her yard. Now that she doesn't have a yard, they're all blooming for the first time in their permanent home--my back yard. This red one is the first to bloom. I think I remember a variegated one, too. I'll know what I have back there soon!

Red is also the color of my house, and every house on my street. On our little block, we're all still red brick, and the red brick is there but under paint on many other streets. Even though I like to wear red, as far as the interior of my house goes, red doesn't work for me.

Everyone's color week photos have inspired me so much that I've started carrying my camera out with me. I'd love to have a stockpile of great photos the next time a project like this comes up.

Happy weekend!


  1. yay..beautiful red!!!! Thanks for joining in!!

    Its great to be a camera are always ready when you come across treasures!!

  2. ohh, i love this red! and what a wonderful treat to see surprises come up in your yard... this one is beautiful!
    and i agree with julie about carrying a camera... when i don't i always wish i had one :)


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