Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a lotta hat

I made this sun hat from Simple Sewing to take on our Bahamas cruise this week. E's whole family (8 of us) is going to celebrate his mom's 60th birthday. It will definitely protect my face from the sun, but I can' t really see out from under the wide brim. Like the door stop, this pattern seems to result in a larger end product than what's pictured. If it weren't so floral, it might work better for E than for me. Well, I'll just have to put it on once I get where I'm going!
I also finally baked a loaf of the no knead bread, and man is it good! The crust is exactly how I like it, tough enough to make my jaw sore from chewing, and then nice and soft in the middle. I used a cup of whole wheat flour, which seems just right. This will definitely become a regular staple in our kitchen. I hope there's still some left tomorrow so I can try this panzanella recipe!


  1. With that hat, no one can tell if your sleeping or not, so they will leave you alone. It will come in handy on the cruise, especially, if you meet some more than thrilling people that keep wanting to talk to you.

    I still think its a great hat!

  2. that hat is on my list of things to make! it is really cute... i love the fabrics! i wonder about the sizing though... do you think the crown part is OK, and maybe just make the brim smaller? though the oversized look is sweet too... and we got an almost kayla-portrait there :)

  3. I love the fabric of your hat, and it does look really cute - it will certainly stop you getting sunburnt. Perhaps you could flip the brim up when you need to see where you are going!
    Hope you have a lovely time on your cruise, it sounds fabulous.

  4. the hat is just PERFECT ! and i love the fabric ! wow !
    enjoy the cruise xxx bonnes vancances !

  5. your bread looks like French bread ! yum ! -- and I know much about French breads ;)

  6. Lovely hat!
    I saw an article about the no knead bread in Vogue this month. The blogworld is way ahead of Vogue! =)

    Enjoy your cruise!

  7. that hat has been so much fun for everyone who makes it!


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