Friday, April 20, 2007

a little better

I've read and heard several times lately about how even little changes make a difference, but sometimes my little changes seem so little. But when I thought about today's to-do list, I realized these little changes will take up a good part of the day, which isn't so little.

First, drop off soil from our yard to be tested -- to grow my own pesticide free veggies and improve our newly chemical-free lawn. Deliver winter coats to the green earth cleaners. Recycle e-wastes--dust buster with missing parts, torn up extension cords, satellite box-- at the city facility. Go online and buy more biodegradable bags for dog duty. And I looked down at the dining room floor at our newest arrival, a custom rug made from recycled PET plastic, surprisingly soft and plush.

So, just in time for Earth Day, I feel like maybe my little changes have added up to something a little significant. But there's always more we can do.


  1. I have never heard of a carpet like that. You are making terrific strides. I need to point the finger at myself now.

  2. The garden always calls me to relax, when you begin to give form never you finish him, but if it beams whistling the plants of the garden will grow happy.

  3. it's every little bit that adds up to something greater... sounds like you are doing a lot!!

  4. So many good to the earth ideas! Thanks for the inspirational ideas!


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