Saturday, April 14, 2007

kobe containment

My latest home improvement endeavor has been this set of doors for our sunroom, a.k.a. Kobe's room. I've been wanting to get rid of the white metal baby gate ever since we put it up, but needed a decent-looking way to keep the pup contained.
We crate trained him as a puppy, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants minimal household damage from a teething, housetraining canine critter. Now that he has graduated from the crate, he contentedly stays in this room while we're out. I found one very modern + gorgeous DIY baby gate idea, but had envisioned this holed style ever since I saw a similar style headboard at west elm (not this one, but along those lines) and thought 'I can do that!' And I did, with a 2" hole saw drill attachment and lots of patience, and a loving husband to take over when my trigger finger got tired :). Since I created this for the dog, I'm not really worried about safety like baby gate users would be.
Heavy on my heart right now is the plight of the shelter where we got our sweet Kobe. Many dogs and cats were killed in a fire there last weekend. Please keep the animals and employees in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Oh, dear... Yes, of course, I'll send my good thoughts their way. How terrible.

    I'm so utterly impressed with your handiwork, by the way.

  2. I found your blog tonight - wow ! it's very... elegant. I like it a lot. I'm going to bookmark it so that I can visit again...

  3. The door looks great - very stylish. Kobe is adorable.

    So sad to hear about the shelter though, that is really awful - I hope they managed to rescue some of the animals.

  4. Such sad news about the shelter.

    The gate looks great and I love the link to the baby gate very cool.

  5. Oh gosh thats so sad about the awful.

    Well done you on that door!!


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