Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Inspired to garden

Let me lead you through these photos--there is a connection. On Saturday, students and teachers gathered at the home of one of our students to eat Thai food. Her boyfriend, an American, travels to Thailand frequently and has become quite the chef. You can see the volume of food he was working with--tofu, onions, lime--the rice noodles were in a 5-gallon bucket! When I asked my student where he buys ingredients like kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, she replied, 'Oh, he grows them.' Not only does he grow those, his yard contained cabbage, oranges, chickens, and there was catfish until they ate it last week, she said. E and I were blown away buy how beautifully landscaped his yard was, on top of his mini-farm! So I've started thinking hard about getting going on a mini-garden of my own. My brother and grandmother have had great success with vegetable gardening, so I'm hopeful I'll have similar luck.
I headed to the library this morning to get some books on the subject, and went out into a thick cloud of smoke that has blown down from Georgia. That's the main street near my house--that haze was enough to burn my eyes and make me sneeze like crazy. And when I got to the library, the lady at the desk said, 'Looks like the smoke is clearing up.' I guess it had been even worse earlier. I know the books about keeping chickens is going to fuel endless jokes from my dad (hi, dad!), but I just want to learn about it. Maybe one day... The book Inspired by Jamie Durie was a new arrival, and it has great photos--I've only flipped through it. Home Cheap Home is a Budget Living publication, I guess from before the magazine folded. I had just been given a subscription when they went out of business, then was sent Shop, etc for a bit, and now it's gone. Now they've substituted Good Housekeeping--I guess they figure that one's here to stay!


  1. Oh i so want a garden to grow my own veggies and for the girls to run around in.
    Good luck with yours!

    About your comment(thanks :)).. the text in the house is all about Israel...not sure what it all means..but this subject of house-roots-israel keeps coming up!!

  2. fantastic gardening inspiration! my garden is an ongoing project... one step forward + 2 steps back (or vice versa!)... nothing on the scale of your friend but i do love the feeling of making pesto from my own basil.

  3. there's nothing like the taste of home grown veggies ! we have ours in the sunny season. esp. when you grow them from seeds, result is so rewarding !


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