Monday, April 23, 2007

back at it

I promise I won't post about this quilt again until it's finished, and right now I actually think that it might be finished some day. But I'm back at it, though this time it's not as much of a struggle to get it through the machine. Maybe I'm just not being as picky. And the frequent breaks, like this one, are helping, too. I have really been enjoying my new Haflinger slippers, the only perfect footwear I've found in my current search for comfortable shoes. Excellent arch support + nothing that rubs. Why is it that the best ones can't be worn out?


  1. they look so comfy. and the quilt looks like it is coming along just fine.

  2. My jeans older are those than I more love... I think that it is custom and what it represents for us such thing. For example, those slippers represent for you relax and comfort, and for that reason you like so much. However, if you used them to work, maybe you don't please them as before... they look softy.


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