Monday, April 9, 2007

and one for me!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Yesterday, we enjoyed a lovely day of family and food, first at E's parents', then mine. Three-day weekends are the perfect length to get stuff done and do nothing.I just had to sew up a tote for myself after I experienced how easy and fast they are to make. This is from one of the Martha towels. I first saw them a while ago but knew I would rather use them for something other than dish towels. The print reminds me of the fabrics in Lotta's book. I can't wait to see her textiles when they come out!

This one, like the fruit bags, is lined, but it would be such a snap to sew up some unlined ones to use for fruits and veggies at the supermarket. I only have one cloth bag that's designated for produce because of its size, and you can see in my last post that I need some more! For regular groceries I use larger store bought canvas bags, but the veggies do better off by themselves. I've been using the cloth bags for a few months now, which reduces the number of plastic ones being used, but there was an unexpected benefit as well. Using the cloth bags has also greatly reduced the bag clutter under the sink. No matter how much you ball the bags up and stuff them inside one another, those bags just seem to grow and multiply. But no more! I love my cloth bags. And that collection may soon start to multiply, but that would be A Good Thing.

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  1. I have been contemplating this very idea for a while now but have trouble getting into a new habit of remembering them. When we lived in Wa. Stores were never surprised to see people bring their own bags and some encouraged it, pennies off for it. Here in the midwest it is not as easy and a person gives you a look when you do-not that I care about that- more just getting back in habit. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. love the new bag... i see the lotta textile similarity :) i have been drooling over all the wonderful prints in that book.
    and i too am enjoying the lack of plastic pantry mess! now that the plastic bags are designated for kitty litter only, much less crazy clutter in there.

  3. i'm glad to know that more people are using cloth. we take ours everywhere now and it still surprises many cashiers. jason refused a plastic bag at target but the woman insisted he use one. he tried arguing (politely) and she said, "oh well" and put his one item in the bag anyway. he just took his purchase out of the bag and left the bag on the counter but still... people have issues about these bags.

  4. Your blog has lots of lovely pictures! What an inspiration.


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