Tuesday, March 20, 2007

working WITH me

For once. Does it ever seem like everything's working against you when you're sewing? Thread runs out, needle breaks, cut something too short... Well, for once, things were going my way when I was finishing up this skirt. When I pulled it off the machine after the last stitch, I didn't have to cut the bobbin thread--the last 3 inches or so that were left on the bobbin trailed from where I had just backstitched!
I'm fairly happy with the way this wrap around came out. I used my own measurements to make a pattern based on the directions from Sew What. I increased the overlap in the back (just 6" sounded too risky, or maybe risque, for a windy day) and added the gray trim and ties, hopefully to tone down the loudness of the rainbow stripes. I think I actually sewed with the wrong side out, but I had planned to use the textured side when I bought it on sale ages ago. The other side looks like patchwork, but is flat. And my biggest accomplishment: my first button hole, well, tie hole. Not too hard after a couple of practices. My most favorite wrap skirt has the ties set up this way, with a button hole on one side for one tie to feed through, so I copied that. I really like that it's made for my proportions--store-bought patterns seem to have tiny waists and larger hips, which doesn't work for me!

Hope everyone's having a good week.


  1. That looks wonderful. I really like the fabric. And now I really need to get that book!

  2. it's beautiful! i can't wait for our snow to clear and for spring to really show its face... seeing your skirt makes me want to wear my wrap skirts!

  3. fabulous skirt kayla! i love that fabric! (and i'm with you... 6 inches of wrap is a bit risky :) )

  4. Oh, it's so beautiful! I'm so happy for your smooth "working with me" experience. I just made my first button/tie hole a couple of weeks ago too and it really wasn't as hard as I always thought it was!

  5. Great skirt! I like the fabric too...just curious, what does the other side look like?


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