Friday, March 16, 2007

Under the [beautiful] weather.

Thank you for all the comments lately. I love to hear from those who read my blog. I will definitely let you know what I think of my new books. They've all arrived now, but I've only flipped through the Lotta Jansdotter one so far. The sewing projects in it look very simple, some similar to the ideas in the Denyse Schmidt book and another of my favorites, Last Minute Fabric Gifts. But what really makes Lotta's final products so appealing is her fabric. Is her fabric available for purchase anywhere?
Well, for those of you in colder climates who have been feeling envious of the spring weather we Florida girls have been raving about, let me tell you that it does have its drawbacks. Kobe, the pup, was the first to start suffering from the pollen. He's now on a medication to relieve his skin allergy. I guess by keeping him inside more than usual, I also protected myself from the menacing yellow dust. Our school spent Wednesday outside at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm (more like a zoo). A few sneezes turned into a sinus infection and a day out sick from work. When I went back to school today, a lot of students had symptoms, too.
Also, a blanket of giant love bugs is covering our fence and garage. I guess they're harmless, but walking through piles of them gives me the creepy crawlies. This is funny: according to Wikipedia, legend has it that love bugs were created by accident at my alma mater. I do remember having masses of love bugs on my car after driving back to Gainesville in the spring. Hmmm.

So enough of spring! Bring on the suffocating humidity of summer. At least there's no pollen or love bugs!


  1. May of 2001, my husband and I were at Disneyworld and the love bugs were out full force. I didn't know what they were then but later found out. They're mating!! =)

    I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your vacation!

  2. you know, i've never been to the alligator farm and my aunt lived behind it until 3 years ago. maybe now with all these boys in my house i'll have to visit. do lovebugs only exist in florida? a girl at the laundrymat freaked out the other day because of them; it was her first encounter.

  3. as I sit here, watching the rain and cold outside my window, I'm remembering you can get Lotta Jansdotter fabric online (or at least it said its coming soon I think) at I find her new book very inspiring and beautiful.

  4. hi kayla! i am going to pick up my lotta book today... so excited... and thank you for sharing this odd story of love bugs :) this is such a funny place. i recently read that a group of UF scientists have vowed to "return the scent to roses" in the next 5 years. this is a project i can fully support! more rose goodness all around.
    our house is super allergic too... the car has gone from silver to green!


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