Thursday, March 29, 2007

transformation of a room

Oh how I hate testing! This week we're administering our school's exit test (to evaluate whether students pass their level) as well as the TOEFL (the standardized test of English ability to study at a US university). The students are all so stressed and nervous, and I hate having to be the strict proctor. I try to reassure them, but when so much is riding on your performance, how can you relax? I am so glad to be done with my own test taking days, but it's still exhausting just to be around them!

In my last post, you saw one corner of the new work room, our former office. I'm so happy with how it's turning out. Because it's just a work room and I don't need much privacy, I've been keeping the windows uncovered, and the darkness that I used to hate about the room is now gone! It actually gets some natural light even though it's on a very shady side of the house. I thought I was going more traditional than my usual with the look of the room (added bun feet to a bookcase!), but I guess that's kind of my aesthetic anyway. It's my alter ego that lives in that super mod house, but in reality, we have touches of contemporary in with traditional.
Those Arizona Tea bottles are the coin-collecting vessels :) Anyway, this room has come so far. This was the room that contained most of E's grandparents' and great-grandparents' things (it was their house), so there was a lot to go through. Lots of memories. We kept a lot of it, but moved it out of the house. Even though the room is totally different now, I hope the former inhabitants would approve because we, like them, are builders/crafters/fixers, and E and I have made it our own, just as they had done. So you can see why I'm so amazed at how far this room has come.


  1. What a transformation! It turned out stunning.

  2. It's just beautiful! Think of the things you can create in such a calm, light, nice space?! WOW!

  3. i really like your work space. it looks very soothing and uncluttered, which is important. I'm working on my studio right now too, and I painted it a color really similar to that! i like your shelves, and also the tv cover too. i think tv's should be covered! i really don't like watching tv. although i do listen to books on tape from the library if i'm going to be sewing all day.

  4. I really enjoy your blog and like your sense of taste. Cute stuff!! checkout mine when you get a chance.


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