Sunday, March 11, 2007

spring cleaning + decorating

This weekend, the weather has been gorgeous. It was definitely a beach weekend, but we stayed busy with projects around the house. It's finally time to get out the table runner I made last fall. In November, E and I hosted our first Thanksgiving. It was just his family (8 of us total), so it wasn't too difficult. In anticipation of the big meal, I came up with my plan for the 'tablescape.' I'm glad I started early because it turned out to be a pretty involved project.

I decided to make the table runner reversible so that I could use it more than just in fall. I knew I wanted to do some organic-looking piecing, I came up with a plan that would waste the least of my large cuts of fabric. Unlike Denyse Schmidt's method using unmeasured strips, which is good when using smaller scraps, hardly any fabric had to be trimmed off the edges to square it up before binding. First I figured out how long I wanted it--I think ~90"--and how many different fabrics I wanted to use. I cut equal lengths of each fabric (~18") so that they added up to a total of a little more than 90". Then I stacked and pinned them before cutting lines through the stack. Then I separated the angular stacks and numbered them (mentally) and began randomly choosing a different fabric from each stack in order 1-2-3-4-5-6 to create a stripey block the same size as the original cuts of fabric. So you can see the 'blocks' if you look closely, from the brown corduroy down to the striped and floral one--you can see that those six pieces form an 18" square. For others, this may be too much work to save too little fabric, but I kind of liked putting the puzzle together.

Welcome spring!


  1. that is really nice. what a fantastic idea, especially making it reversible for the seasons. welcome spring indeed (of course it will probably only last a week before summer is fast on spring's heels. c'est la vie)

  2. kayla, i love this runner! the fabrics on both sides are lovely, and the wonderful angular cuts... it's gorgeous. thank you for sharing your cutting process on this! i am like you, i hate to waste fabric if it is not already a little scrap :) this sounds kind of like the method DS uses to do her little coasters in her book... have you looked at them? the puzzle aspect is very appealing :)

  3. What a fabulous idea! I never knew how to make those lovely organic-looking stripes until your post.

    Thanks! I'm definitely making one of these!

  4. Your table runner came out very nice!

  5. This looks wonderful! You made me a fan of table runners!


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