Monday, March 12, 2007

spending those pennies

With spring break coming up, I figured I had been saving my pennies long enough and decided to buy some of the books in my sidebar. I'm hoping to spend lots of time reading and sewing next week. Sew What and Sew U are on their way. It's going to be hard to keep my hands off these until next week! The Lotta book, which arrived today, is sitting on my freshly painted new table/desk. To brighten up our office, I'm filling it with white furniture, and it feels so clean.
One of the pieces is an old nightstand my grandfather gave me. It was a dark oak laminate that I wasn't too crazy about. I have fallen in love with it in white, though. Until now, we've painted most of our hand-me-down furniture black, but I love the serene look of Anna's bedroom. Hoping to hang shelves and get it all put back together this weekend so that I can enjoy my week off! Only 4 more work days--and one's a field trip!

By the way, did you know that you can cash in your coins at a coinstar machine for amazon money? There are lots of other companies that participate, too. Coinstar doesn't take the usual 10% or so, so you get the full value of your coins. Since E puts his change in a jar at the end of the day, it seems like the stuff we order from amazon is free. So you see, I really had been saving my pennies!


  1. I knew I read somewhere that coin-counting machines aren't always accurate -- here's the link (actually it's about hacking these machines, but there's a comment about their accuracy a bit down the page)

    Note, however, that the coinstar machine they tested was only off by a very paltry amount. Seems well worth it to me!

  2. Very exciting!... New books are the best (well feels-like-free new books are better, I suppose!). Can't wait to hear what you think of these.

  3. new books are really exciting as well as a whole week off. i've been considering those titles for a while, let me know what you think of them. have a fun field trip.

  4. you are going to love sew u + sew what! and your post reminds me that i ordered lotta's book from the bookshop here *ages* ago, and not a peep... hmmm.
    and an upcoming week off? lovely!

  5. I love ordering books by mail, it is so thrilling to get those packages. It will be great to see what you make from them.

    Thanks also for the instructions for the table runner in your last post - yours looks fabulous, and the method you use looks brilliant - great for those precious fabrics where you don't want to waste an inch.

  6. You have a very lovely blog here! I read through most of your posts and I enjoy your creative work as well as your work with your students!

    I really like that painting of the beach [sand/water/sky]. I want something like that in my home.

    I put Sew U on hold at the library and I'm anxiously waiting to be "next" on the list.

    Have a lovely week off!


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