Monday, March 5, 2007

Sewing Seeds

This is a girl's skirt I recently made for Randi's project, Sewing Seeds. I followed one of the online tutorials she provided, and it really was only a 2-3 hour project. I think what Randi and her daughter are doing is great, and I hope a few more people will sign on to help them reach their goal of 75 skirts.

Has anyone attempted sewing Roman shades? I was sort of exploring that option for our office makeover, and came across this site on making art quilt roman shades. It seems like a fun way to incorporate fabric into the design, but is doing the math and stringing them up really as easy as they say? I know we just started this room, but I'm already ready for it to be finished.

Have a great week!


  1. thanks for the link about the skirts. i'm going to try and put one together tomorrow.

  2. the skirt looks so cute, thanks for the link too.

  3. wonderful quilts that adorn their beds. Even the water heater room was being utilized. It is a lot easier to cut batting and such when you have a large table up high.
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