Friday, March 23, 2007

projects projects projects

Lately we've been doing projects nonstop--house/car/yard stuff. On weekends and even weeknights we've been getting so much done. The white chair was a weeknight project--E had repainted it (we have a bunch of these chairs we discovered in the garage after we sold the table + six matching chairs--oops), and we added a new covered cushion. Both of us thrive on that feeling of accomplishment, but I decided we needed some time away from projects, so we (I) declared our day off together today a 'no work day.' E is itching to mow the grass, but hopefully he'll let it wait. So today has been spent painting pots at a neighborhood studio, eating, playing nintendo, walking the dog.

The bowls and tray will be fired and finished next week. I can't wait to see how they turn out.
Off to the beach!


  1. I like the fabric on your chair and I hope you post pictures of the bowls and tray too!

    Hope you had a great "no work day." Now that should be an offical holiday!

  2. The chair looks lovely - very 'Kayla' fabric I think! The ceramic painting sounds like a fun way to take a break - did you really get E to go along too? I am so envious! As usual I am catching up on a few posts at once - I love the wrap skirt you made, the textured fabric looks great, and your fabric stash looks incredibly neat and organised - I think it helps to be able to see all the colours and patterns - lots of inspiration there.

  3. i love the covered chair... it looks beautiful! and very excited to see the finished pots :)


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