Monday, March 19, 2007

lunch time/everything in its place

How is it possible to stay so busy on a day off? I thought I would have gotten so much more done by now, but with all that I have planned, I can't see how lounging on the beach will fit into my spring break!

Some great mail arrived today. I'm so excited about my new lunch sack from juliemarie. And I might just have to order some of her cards--she included a note on one of them. I'm not packing lunches this week, but it will be put to use on Monday when I return to work. What a perfect time to start using my new Japanese-style food container from Mitsuwa, a gift from my friend in Chicago. I've had it since Christmas, but I haven't used it because I don't want it to get all stained like the rest of our plastic containers! I may just have to pack only rice balls and such in it.

A replacement towel bar also came today. I was able to install it, and I know E will be surprised when he sees it. He was really frustrated when he broke the original one and nowhere local carried the replacement piece. I really love racks and hooks and shelves...anything that creates a "place" for storage.

Got a decent start on a skirt inspired by Sew What. Maybe I'll be able to model it tomorrow!


  1. oh! you got one of the lunchbags! it's gorgeous and goes so perfectly with your new(ish) container! (this is my first time reading your blog... and i'm hooked!)

  2. That lunch bag is the cutest! I went over to the etsy shop and didn't see any listed :(

    Just so you know, I just added every single book you listed on my 'wanted' book list! I don't mind being a book copycat! You'll have to post things you made out of the Simple Sewing Book. I am interested to see what you make.

  3. thanks so much kayla! Glad the lunch sack arrived ok.

    oooo, I need to check out that sew what book. I've been dreaming up all kinds of summer skirts. thanks for the tip!

  4. i have lunch bag envy :) it is so cute. and that little box... perfect! i realized that i need to go container shopping this weekend to find boxes that fit in my new lunch bag... all the ones we have seem to be family-sized :)

  5. Your lunch tote is adorable!


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