Saturday, March 3, 2007

bye bye red!

As of this week, a major new project is underway in our household. The mission is to make our office 'useful.' Up until now, it has been that room that so many people seem to have, you know, on shows like Clean Sweep, that catch-all room that's so cluttered it doesn't serve much of a purpose other than storage. When I really started thinking about why I never use it, I realized it was the amount of stuff, but also the color and lack of light.

After my post on blue and grey, you might think our house has lots of cool colors, and you'd be right. But somehow the office became the RED room. It started with some red curtains Ikea sent my brother by mistake. Then these red painted panels with kanji E and I did in a Japanese calligraphy class. Then a red autographed Steve Young jersey. E loved it, and the asian-y black and white on red is kind of cool, but red just isn't for me. So, today we karate chopped E's dilapidated particle board desk, which will be replaced by a new rubberwood table I plan to paint white. It feels good to stop trying to "make it work" with a bunch of hand-me-down furniture, and try to make it a functional room. There's a lot to be done, so I'd better get back to work-- I think those red rectangles are going to need a second coat of primer!

and a note on the last post: I made only the patterned linen skirt, and I used butterick: fast and easy b4397, a pattern I've used twice to make linen skirts.


  1. Oh, go for a new machine! Mine's just a "cheap" Brother and it's incredible (technology these days)... Think of how easy new shades would be to whip up?!

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