Sunday, March 18, 2007

before and after

Who knows how long it will stay this way. By arranging my fabrics by color, I realized that my stash is overwhelmingly heavy in blues, greens, and browns/naturals. These three stacks are almost everything, which doesn't seem like all that much now that it's folded into neat, same-size pieces. Check out this method for folding--I used a tupperware lid.

I've been reading a few pages of Sew U before bed at night, and you guys were right, I really do like this book! I like Wendy's conversational tone and how she goes back to the very basics, but still talks about finishing details that I'm usually too lazy to do. I think I'll take her advice and spend the extra time to make my clothes look more polished when I get around to using one of her patterns.Some reviews I've read for different sewing/quilting books on amazon say 'not the best book for a true beginning sewer/quilter' or something to that effect. But Sew U (so far--or should I say 'sew far':)) seems to do a good job of making things clear. The book that was indispensable for me when I started sewing was this Singer book. It was a Christmas gift from a friend a few years ago and came in super handy during my "self directed learning project" in one of my masters classes. More on that in a minute. What is so helpful about the book are the "1100 full-color how-to photos." I can read so many pattern explanations + diagrams, and still not get it, but these photos make it so easy to understand tricky-at-first things like adding a zipper.
My masters is in adult learning, so one class assigned us to experiment with our own self- directed project. We were to chose something we wanted to learn and reflect on our frustrations and successes. My classmates learned to play the guitar, lose weight, choose wine. Before this project, my mom had helped me sew a few skirts, a window panel, some scrunchies, but by taking responsibility for my own learning, I gained so much. While some in the class weren't as motivated (one classmate failed at teaching herself to save money), I took off running. On presentation night, I wore the skirt I'd made and showed off my freshly sewn sofa pillows. I'm so happy I discovered sewing in this way. It gives me a feeling of independence, my own creative outlet.


  1. what an interesting class assignment. i'm really happy with sew u so far too.

  2. so, so impressed with your fabric organization... please come over and do mine too :)
    and what a great class assignment!

  3. Your fabric looks beautiful and made me laugh after what I posted today! I'm envious!

  4. I just found your blog and was excited to read your reviews on the books you mentioned. I just finished reading Sew U too and found it extremely helpful. I also bookmarked the two other books (Singer and Easy Skirts). My birthday will be here before you know it!


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