Thursday, February 22, 2007

the thrifted sheet

Aren't thrift stores great? I've always loved to shop at thrift stores, although I must say, they seemed to have way better stuff when I was in high school--or maybe I just wasn't as picky as now. I have had some great finds, though, since I've been shopping for fabrics.

On my first fabric trip to Goodwill a while back, I picked up a table cloth and a sheet that I used for my first quilting project--placemats--with batting and binding and all. I already had some coordinating green fabrics that I had planned to use to make placemats and just added the thrifted fabrics to the plan. I made them extra large, as we can be messy eaters. It's funny now how many times I've seen this same flowery sheet, also thrifted, on different blogs. It's the blue/green/white one used as the border. I first recognized it in Amanda's fabric book (and I think she's used it in some other projects), and then Sally's stack of florals, and most recently I think I saw it as a skirt on another blog (but can't find it now, sorry!). I would guess maybe Goodwill was given a lot of this sheet from a factory, but mine's pretty worn. The design must have been a popular one when they were new! I wonder if any other bloggers have it...

It's been a hectic week, and it's not over yet. But I am going to try to start a little bit tonight on a quilt.

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  1. It is funny to see sheets in the thrift store that are the same as the ones I had when I was a kid! Hard to believe they have lasted so long! ;)


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