Saturday, February 10, 2007

I can STOP now.

Yesterday I stayed inside with a very sick pup while E and his dad made major progress on the bug outside. By the end of the day, we were able to take it for a ride, and the brakes work! Still a little nervous about driving in traffic or on the highway, though. But, while they were working, I was productive, too:

I used to drool over the racks of cute aprons like these in Japan and wish they were skirts I could actually wear out. After seeing others' enthusiasm for aprons, like at tie one on, I bought one for myself at an estate sale. I enjoy wearing it so much that I decided to make another. I love how heavy the linen nautical print is. It came from superbuzzy a while back. I modeled the pocket, with the parallel stitches, after an old cargo skirt.
I saw these flower kits a while ago, maybe in a magazine, and filed the idea away for the right occasion. These are headed to my good friend in Chicago for Valentines Day. Last March, we made a ton of crepe paper flowers for her wedding, so I think she'll like them. Since I was little, I've always fantasized about living in a stationery or art supplies store, and Paper Source sells all the things I would want to have in my store/house. Did you see the Martha Stewart wedding episode where the bride loved all things paper? Her dress was even crinkled like paper. They made the most life-like flowers from vintage crepe paper. These and these paper flowers, also from Martha, look pretty cool, too.


  1. Gorgeous apron (or is it actually a skirt? even better!)The prints work really well together.

  2. i love your apron! the japanese-style patchwork is so cute and modern, and great fabrics (mmm, superbuzzy. yum.)

  3. The apron looks great! You could totally wear that over pants as an outfit!

  4. that is the cutest apron i've ever seen! good job!


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