Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Great Scott!

Haven't had much time for crafting since the oven mitt, but I did make a little shrinky dink pin for a student. It cracks me up the way he adopts phrases he sees and hears into his everyday speech. Most recently he says "dad-dad-daddy-o" like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Before that, it was "Great Scott!" and "Doing the most good"--the Salvation Army slogan, which is what's on the pin. He just soaks up all the language around him; I wish I could be such a good foreign language student!
I came across a piece I had already shrunk, but never used, so I strung it on some thread thinking I could wear it today. In the process of photographing it, though, it fell apart. Oh well, I still like the colors --it's a photo I printed onto the shrinky dink paper. You don't need the special printer shrinky dink paper--just select 'transparency film' as your paper type in print properties, and it won't come out too inky. Sorry about the quality of the photo--this was the best I could get.
Since I've seen lots of pet photos in blogland lately, my bud can't be left out. Meet Kobe [KObay].Oh, and I saw an inventive idea for storing fabric on craftster. This is something I've been trying to figure out lately. Any other ideas for organizing and storing lots of fabric--all different size pieces?

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  1. I love your blog! You make such cool stuff!

    I store my fabrics in plastic bins and drawers, reorganizing occasionally as the stash shifts. The bins hold anything larger than a fat quarter, sorted mostly by color. (Greens are divided into leaf prints and everything else.) Depending on the size of the fabric cuts, the drawers and small bins hold fat quarters sorted by color; flannels; bug prints; 5" squares; 2 1/2" squares; leftover binding bits; 2 1/2" fabric strips. Etc.

    Some time ago I took a bunch of my unused fabrics and cut them all into strips and squares. I figured I'd be more likely to use them that way. As it turns out, I haven't done a lot with them, but they're a hit with my daughter and her friends, and they're fabrics I had no use for anyway.


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