Monday, February 19, 2007


Well I finally came up with something for the school art show. Even though it's a contest for students, they were asking if the instructors would display something. I wasn't feeling so inspired, but E didn't like the idea of me taking something not newly created. So I considered painting or sewing, but couldn't think of the right project. A craft would require following certain steps to end up with something functional, but I just wasn't in the mood to make sure it turned out 'right.' When I was doing this bird, I loved the feeling of just messing around on the sewing machine--it didn't matter if the final product was functional. It was more like painting, where you just let your instinct guide you. Instead of getting bogged down in the measuring and precise cutting, I produced a happily imperfect piece. The talk about working with clay makes me want to find a pottery class to do more instinct-guided creating.
I didn't do it completely free-handed, but first drew the bird on freezer paper, ironed it down and sewed over the outline. Then the concentric squares around the edges--I love the tight parallel quilting lines on Lisa's pillows. The overall size is about 10"x10".There may be more of these to come, especially since I've committed (only to myself) to make new sofa quilts. The fleece blankets we have are acting like giant swiffers collecting dog hair.
Enjoy your day!! Even though I have to work, E is off for presidents' day, so it's like a day off from house duties for me! Thanks, E.

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  1. i love it! the 'happily imperfect' pieces are wonderful... i love just letting go and sewing instead of spending a lot of time measuring.
    i'm curious... do you use a free-motion type of quilting for this? walking foot? i've done so little machine quilting and it looks like great fun!


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