Friday, January 26, 2007

Producing and Produce

Detail shot of gathers.
Today I started to make a bag based on the tutorial at tiny happy, but that project came to a screeching halt when I realized the fabric hadn't been washed. I definitely don't want these fabrics to bleed, and it will be washable. So, I started on another project I'd been meaning to do. I've been wearing this black and white headband, by Jessie Steele, around my waist almost every weekend lately. My mom picked it up from Edith and Edna on a trip to Maine and Boston to visit my brother. It's long enough to tie back my hair, but I like it better as a belt, so I safety pin it together in back. I think everybody's getting tired of seeing me in it. Sashes were the first thing I started to sew really on my own, and I made a ton of them, lots of Asian brocades. But now it looks like I'm moving on the the more tailored fabric belt. I think I'll add snaps to the green one I made from estate sale fabric. Used the gathering (ruffling?) foot for the first time and that thing is pretty violent, but it works so fast!
I had already gotten the veggies and hummus ready when I pulled out moldy pita bread, so I decided to make my own wrap. After 3 tries, I remembered the Mexican cookbook where I found the recipe for tortillas I used in Japan. It's just flour, salt, oil, water. Knead, rest, roll, and grill. Yum.


  1. Hi,
    The blog looks great. I thought you might like this link to some headbands you can make yourself.

  2. Your way of resolving mouldy pitta bread problem is the most inspiring thing I have read this year!

    I am SO utterly toally impressed. You should have your own show, you are clearly a 'Do-er' that can inspire others. You remind me of Anna at


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