Thursday, January 25, 2007

Getting Clearer

Still working on this camera thing. Took lots of shots today in the limited hours of natural light when I was home, but still, so many are fuzzy. I thought I'd solved my inability to get it focused when I took a picture of some pants and could see the individual fibers. Today, fabrics were once again what turned out best. I'll have to keep working on this.
The first fabric is a thrifted tablecloth that I'm considering saving and making into a skirt when the weather warms up. But is it too busy? Hmm. The other fabrics are some (cheap) prints that caught my eye when I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up more Shrinky Dinks. I first discovered Jewelry by Jessica when I was searching for plastic earrings that wouldn't irritate my ears--you know the ones with the bendy plastic posts from the 80s--and instead I found her shrink plastic jewelry. I love her designs, and I've had my own fun with the plastic-- I prefer the 'ruff n ready' type-- making jewelry with my younger cousins and photo gift tags for Christmas. My father-in-law thought the tag was cool, then realized "Oh, that's me?' I eventually found the 80s earrings from another shrinker. The plastic posts are a little fatter than regular ones, but they really are great for my sensitive ears, not to mention how *rad* they look!

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