Friday, January 19, 2007

Finally Friday

For a four-day week, this one sure has been a marathon. It seems like there was only time for work and sleep. It paid off last night when a record number of students enrolled in this semester's evening English classes. Between work and some dog issues, needless to say, there was no time for creative endeavors. E's away to a car show tomorrow and, as my mother-in-law said, "You know what that means: Sewing Day!" I hope she's right.
So it's nice to look back on some of the projects, like this patchwork scarf, I had time for during winter break. This scarf, inspired by the ones in Denyse Schmidt's book, went to Aubrie, close friend and college roommate, who recently moved to Chicago. I enjoyed making these for three Florida-to-cold-climate transplants. They're lined in grey fleece, which makes them super cozy.
This weekend, I hope to finish the corkboard to hang above my sewing table. Mine has pockets like the ones over at Shim + Sons. It seems that these pinboards are on everyone's to-do list.
Happy weekend.

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  1. Great scarf, love hte colour combination. I like summer colours but in winter I really enjoy darker more muted ones with mustards or teals to add zing.

    But I'm beginning to feel inadequate, you acheive so much, you seem to make AND finish so many things. When my blog settles down and starts working properly (hope soon) I'm putting you on my links list.


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