Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a baby quilt

A good friend just emailed me these photos of a quilt I made a while back for her baby who's now 3 months old. It was my first quilt (and only so far), quilted but no piecing. It has stippling, like this book instructs, but zigzag circles of contrasting thread. E's mom embroidered his name with her fancy machine. Even though I had done several smaller quilting projects, there were some surprises along the way with this one. Like how hard it is to manage something SO huge under the machine. And how difficult it is to be consistent with free-motion quilting, especially considering my old machine is not equipped for such maneuvers! Anyhow, I love how it turned out, even with its imperfections.
I've made so many things lately to give as gifts, and got so excited to present them that I never took a photo, so it's great that she did these for me.
And I'm really enjoying this guy! I kept trying to figure out who I could buy one for, and E finally got one for me for Christmas. We also bought one of the birds for his mom. The workmanship is really impressive.

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  1. Nice colours and I love the wiggly stitching and know how much effort that is when you don't have the right kind of sewing machine. Well done.

    Also liked the bag on previous post, the pattern is similar to the one I use for my felt bags, but mine are a bit longer and thinner, though I think a shorter wider one would be better for me in summer so I may try that.

    It's so funny how we foreign language is obviously inside us, it's only remembering it when we are awake that is the problem.

    My blog has disappeared today! :0(


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